On February 1, 2024, winter enrollment will begin for full-time, second-degree studies for engineering graduates. Candidates will have a choice between technical and computer engineering or materials engineering.

Recruitment stages:

February 1 - Online registration begins
February 12 - End of online registration
Last day to pay the recruitment fee

IMPORTANT: Candidates wishing to drop out of the recruitment process have a deadline of February 12 by midnight. In the event of a later cancellation, the recruitment fee is non-refundable.

February 14 - Preliminary examinations
February 14 - Announcement of preliminary qualification results
February 15 - Acceptance of documents from candidates qualified for enrollment
IMPORTANT: Documents sent by mail must reach UKW by February 15, 2024, 2:00 p.m. Please send documents by priority registered mail.
Documents sent after the deadline will go to the Appeals Committee.

February 15 - Announcement of the list of candidates enrolled in studies
February 28 - Last day to accept applications for refund of enrollment fee