Online registration

The first step of recruitment is online registration. After entering the website:, a candidate should create an account in the university recruitment system.

Applicant should download a scan of the document entitling to study with a translation into Polish language. Foreign applicant does not write results of the secondary school-leaving examination or diploma grade. Grades are converted by university employees into the Polish assessment system.

Required documents

  1. Document entitling to study with legalization or apostille and sworn translation into Polish language or translation confirmed by Polish Consul.
    Bachelor studies: secondary education certificate and supplement with grades;
    Master studies: Bachelor diploma and supplement with grades.
  2. Confirmation of knowledge of Polish language on B1 level (certificate confirming language competences or certificate from language school of completion the course).
    • Documents confirming the knowledge of the Polish language are also certificates or diplomas of schools or universities with the Polish language of instruction.
    • The Pole’s Card (Karta Polaka) is also a document confirming the knowledge of Polish.
  3. Printed from an individual account in the recruitment system and signed by the candidate: application for admission, declaration;
  4. Confirmation of payment for student ID card (22 PLN);
  5. Power of attorney from a legal guardian – applies minors (under-age candidates);
  6. Candidates who have the right to study free of charge must submit a document confirming this right, e.g. a Pole’s Card (Karta Polaka), a certificate of Polish as a foreign language at C1 level or photocopy of the above-mentioned documents confirmed by an employee of the Kazimierz Wielki University.

After the announcement the results of enrolment, the candidate with the status: pre-qualification (wstępna kwalifikacja) should submit documents to the International Relations Office – 30 Chodkiewicza St., building B, room 209 on dates according to the recruitment schedule:

18-19.07.2023 - full-time studies,
19-20.09.2023 - part-time studies, additional recruitment for studies.